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The World Cup with Idiomas sin Fronteras

The World Cup with Idiomas sin Fronteras

There´s little time left until the next World Cup in Brazil and we´ll be there for the big party. The South-American country is guaranteed to be the greatest tourist point of 2014 in which it is sure to receive over 600,000 visitors for the event. Cities such as Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, and Salvador de Bahia are already prepared to entertain their guests with cultural and gastronomic spectacles in their many tourist points. From our consultancy we offer extended services: help with the procurement of flights, game/other event tickets, reservations, itinerary planning, guides etc. and we are always looking to find solutions to new and varied requests; detailed work, tailored to each new order.

We need to point out that due to the nature of the spectacle, some events´ tickets will run out quickly due to their limited capacity. For example, the matches. Also, due to market forces, the price of any product may rise in proportion to the proximity of the event. Due to this, we recommend that the best thing is to start organizing the trip as soon as possible. Please consult us about possible itineraries and their details.  

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